Manno Italian Briar

Manno started cutting briar in Calabria and then moved to Tuscany Italy. It is small family operation of just a handful of cutters.  The briar burls are self sourced by Manno throughout Sicily and then brought to Tuscany where they cut, boil, and dry the blocks.  Manno Briar has a consistent light color and is cut primarily with right angles from sides to bottom.  The briar comes in three grades Extra, Extra Extra, and Selected.  We at Rawkrafted mark the grade and size and sometimes downgrade to ensure you are getting what is advertised. You will find a vast selection of shapes and sizes of Manno Briar here at Rawkrafted.  We receive the blocks and store them for six plus months to ensure that they are dried fully and ready for use whether the artisan is making a pipe, pen, knife handle, or other woodworking crafts.  Additionally, we clean each block and remove any that have serious flaws.  Our Current Stock is over 2 Years drying.