Italian Briar Mimmo

Romeo “Mimmo” Domenico developed as a unique briar cutter by studying the Danish method of pipe making along with making his own pipes in the style, and has adapted his cutting process to create optimal blocks for the artisan maker.  He learned the craft from his Father Filipo "Pipo" Domenico and has further refined the process.  Mimmo's Mill resides in Taggia Italy, within walking distance of the Mountains and Sea.  Mimmo Briar is Available in Plateaux with the natural surface of the burl exposed and straight grains lined up from top to bottom, and Ebauchon which is in block form and the straight grains is lined from side to side.  Of course the cross section of grains show a nice birdseye.  Mimmo grades is briar from 1 to 4.  One is the highest grade and very rare.  You will find Grades 2 and 3 at RawKrafted.  Grade 2 usually has nice tight grain, low on imperfections, and is better to finish smooth.  Grade 3 may have irregular grain and some imperfections but is ideal for a relief finish by sandblasting or carving.