Eldritch Cumberland Cast Resin Rod 24mm

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From a small workshop tucked away in England, a laboratory of sorts houses an individual artisan handcrafting these wild grained pattern rods that are harmonious with wood.

Eldritch Cumberland is a Resin Product designed to echo the grained look of traditional Ebonite Cumberland/Brindle but in vibrant colors, more usually seen in acrylic and other thermo plastics.  Eldritch Cumberland has a similar hardness to Ebonite, and it is a little lighter.  It is easy to bend with careful heat and patience.  A delrin tenon is recommended over cutting a tenon.  Easy to polish to a mirror shine with traditional sanding and buffing, and it machines well.  Eldritch Cumberland will not oxidize, and it will keep its finish well

Each rod is half a meter long.  One end will have more black and the other will have more color.