Anton & Chheda Design SUV2 Advanced Carbide Chamber Drill Bits by Yu Xuanjie Straight Wall to Parabolic Nose

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For Advanced users of Freehand drilling, or others in a hand drill, and lathe or drill press.  These can be used as a double bladed spoon bit.  Due to the recessed backing, both blades will cut faster than a single blade spoon bit.  No pilot hole is needed.  Due to the double blades, there is a little more risk of grabbing than a single blade spoon bit.  We highly recommend to only use these as freehand drilling if you have advanced experience freehand drilling.  

These bits can be used in a power hand drill, lathe tailstock, or drill press chuck.  No pilot hole is needed to drill.

Bonus*  If you only have a Power hand drill, these are the only chamber bits that can drill directly into a secured block.  Machinery is not needed!

*New design of flutes allows for chip clearance