One Of A Kind

Posted by Premal on Feb 5th 2021

One Of A Kind

RawKrafted was started out of a love and passion for pipe making. From the early stages of learning about the materials, to developing tools, and then offering them at an affordable price and fine quality to makers all across the globe. In addition to pipe makers, many of the materials and tools can be used in other wood crafts such as pen making and knife making.

Our selection of materials and tools are sourced from like minded small suppliers around the world. They care deeply about what they produce. Most of our products are available as re-occurring items, and we also offer something different in our One-Off items. These are unique materials and tools that are photographed individually due to their limited quanties and special qualities that set them apart from the standard stock.

One off Briar Blocks are cleaned and pictured with the grain showing usually and allows for the maker to pick out the best block for the purpose of his/her choosing.

Bamboo Root pieces can be wildly varying and being able to choose the exact piece saves time and effort.

 Horn pieces each have a unique coloring and shape.

Olive wood varies in size and grain, and being able to choose the exact piece is delightful.

Knife blanks in various materials will allow for the maker to present his/her masterpiece with the best possible pattern of grain.

If you are a beginner and need a step further with making a pipe, our custom designed pipe kits by Chheda, R. Parker, & Thom will give you a head start and guide. Each One-off item is inspected, priced, and photographed individually. You will receive the exact item and/or assortment that is pictured on the site in the One-Off section. Every artist and creator is unique in their craft as are the materials they use. We understand this and have created a selection aimed for this purpose.

All of these specially selected One-Off items are waiting to be a part of your one of a kind creation.

New additions are added every few days. Happy Krafting!

Tommy & Premal